Student Societies help to bring the likeminded people together on one platform, share the same viewpoints and construct new ideas. They not only allow students’ minds to flourish amid the hectic routine studies and frenzied curriculum but also allow them to exhibit their entrepreneurial, leadership and artistic skills along with sports. Keeping in mind all these aspects, Namal University has designed 12 active student societies that directly contribute to the further development of their recreational and vocational skills. Student societies consist of the general body and the executive body. General body consists of the general members. Any student of Namal University has the right to become a member of a society he/she is interested in. Patrons play important role and establish a bridge between executive members and Patron-in-Chief. The office of the Patron-in-Chief plays a pivotal role and monitors all the activities and plans of the Societies and Clubs. He is the focal person who conveys plans, concerns and suggestions to the offices of Registrar and Rector.  Proper representation minimizes the gaps and flaws in the execution of the planned activities.

Eligibility Criteria for Executive Bodies

A student, who wants to become a member of the executive body of a student society, must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. He/she must be a member of the general body for at least one year.
  2. He/she has not been involved in any disciplinary case throughout his /her Institute life.
  3. Should not be in the executive body of any other society at the same time.
  4. Must not have been suspended/removed from the executive body of any society before.

It is the responsibility of the Patrons of the respective societies and clubs to select their teams purely on merit. He conducts interviews and may get the help of outgoing Presidents to be the party of interview panels for selecting good teams. Patrons should formally announce the slots to all the students.  Interested students will apply and may get selected, if Patrons think that they deserve to be the part of their teams.

Process for Shortlisting the Candidates

In order to shortlist the applicants, who have applied in more than one society, the process of short listing will be done in the presence of all Patrons of the Societies and Clubs. In such a case, the candidate will be considered for a position of only that Society for which he/she has previous relevant work experience and has already performed with full dedication and devotion. His/her previous performance will surely be given good weightage.  

Role of the Executive Body

  1. Propose the events and the budget for the next academic year in consultation with Patron of the Society. Patrons input is of great significance. Patrons can’t distance themselves from the policy matters and planning of the events.
  2. Execute the planned events on time, as mentioned in the Activity Calendar.
  3. Ensure the smooth execution of the events and abide by the Namal University’s values and rules.
  4. Accept all the proposals and ideas on merit from any student of Namal University (whether the student is a member of the society or not). At least the student, who comes with some idea, should be given the justification why his/her idea cannot be executed. The student has a right to appeal to the Patron if his/her idea is rejected by the society members.
  5. Drive the membership campaign, especially on Orientation Week of the new batch. They will utilize the given slot effectively to attract as many Freshers as possible.
  6. Propose the future executive body members to the Patron of the Society before the end of academic year. It’s left to the discretion of the Patron when he/she gives any weightage to their suggestions or not.
  7. Write the review of the last academic year.
  8. Ensure that the budget is linked with the student society activities and that there is smooth execution of the planned events during last year.
  9. Seek out potential donors after getting approval from the Patron. Executive Bodies should work proactively to attract sponsors by preparing nice proposals about the activities or events they have planned.

Suspension of Membership

  1. The Patron has the right to suspend the membership of any member if he/she:
  2. Is not performing his/her assigned duties and tasks.
  3. Is unable to entertain students’ practicable ideas.
  4. Proven guilty in some disciplinary case.
  5. Unable to maintain good academic record (repeating a year or a subject).

Role of Patrons of Societies and Clubs

Patrons of the societies are responsible for the following:

  1. He/she plans the Activity Calendar well in time, working in close coordination with the executive body and submits it to the office of Patron-in-Chief well before the commencement of Academic Sessions.  He/she is responsible to propose dates which don’t clash with the academic activities. Tentative dates and estimated budget are supposed to be mentioned in the Activity Calendar of the year.
  2. He/she proposes budget of the related society. Patron should justify the budget to the office of Patron-in-Chief.
  3. He/she acts as a bridge between the student body and the Patron-in-Chief’s Office.
  4. He/she ensures that the events should abide by the Namal University’s values.
  5. In case of violation of Namal University’s values and rules & regulations, Patron will report to Patron-in-Chief.
  6. He/she is bound to ensure that events are announced well in time and requests for funds are initiated at least 15 days before the events.
  7. He/she should not permit emails announcing events or trials in the nick of the time. The information should be shared at least 7 days before the events or trials.
  8. He/she should meet the commitments promised in Activity Calendar. He/she should motivate the students to come up to the expectations. He/she should discourage to arrange or propose the events randomly as a last minute’s thought.  
  9. He/she will personally monitor the spending and adjustment of advanced funds. He will ensure that receipts have been produced by the executive member who drew advance from Finance Office.
  10. He/she will have to bear in mind that academic activities should not be disturbed by the proposed events. He/she should not relax his team members from academic tasks for the sake of society events.  For this purpose, he/she will have to consult the academic calendar with utmost care and concern. No exemption culture is supposed to be promoted.
  11. He/she, after each event, is responsible to send a brief write up, along with pics, to the office of Patron-in-Chief for Social Media and Web Page of the University.

Role of Patron-in-Chief of Societies and Clubs

Patron-in-Chief is responsible for the following:

  1. He/she approves the list of tentative events and the estimated budget proposed by the patrons and submits it the Registrar.
  2. He/she scrutinizes the budget sent to him by the patron of the respective society and club and submits it to the Registrar making necessary changes.
  3. He/she communicates Activity Calendar to the Registrar which is submitted to his office by the patron of the respective Society or Club.
  4. He/she ensures strict compliance of the rules and regulations and sanctity of values of Namal University
  5. He/she reports the violation of rules and regulations, misconduct and damage done to the values through indecent remarks or inappropriate acts to the Registrar’s Office for necessary actions.
  6. He/she has the right to disallow or reject the requests for funds, if it is submitted late.
  7. He/she should not allow patrons of Societies and Clubs to float messages in the nick of the time. He/she should monitor that the information should be communicated well before the events.
  8. He/she should consistently monitor the workings and performance of the Societies and Clubs and should ensure his/her interference, if some anomalies are observed. He/she should issue warnings to the concerned Societies and Clubs which remain dormant throughout the year and don’t meet the commitments given in Activity Calendar.
  9. He/she has the right to propose elimination/discontinuation to the Registrar on the basis of dormancy, inefficiency, lethargy and lack of vitality to meet the commitments. He/she will ensure that Societies and Clubs becoming irrelevant won’t have the right to remain intact.
  10. He/she will not sign any demand, if he is not properly briefed by the patron of the respective society.  After being satisfied with the justifications provided by the patron, he/she will submit it to the Registrar for further necessary action.
  11. He/she will monitor that activities don’t hinder the smooth functioning of classes and academic activities.
  12. He/she will monitor that patrons and their teams are keen to meet the commitments and vibrant atmosphere has been created through meaningful and entertaining events.
  13. He/she is responsible to share proper briefing with Marketing Team, so that it may properly be covered through Social Media channels and Official Website of the University. 

Numbers of Societies and Clubs

Currently, Namal University has 08 Societies and Clubs. All the Societies and Clubs strive very hard to achieve given targets and play their roles very commendably. The Patrons, Co-Patrons, Executive Members and General Members follow the set rules to avoid controversies.  Following is the brief introduction to the Societies and Clubs: