Admission Processing Fee Non-Refundable 500/-
Admission Fee Non-Refundable 13,000/-
Admission Security Fee Refundable 10,000/-
Tuition Fee Per Year 425,000/- Scholarships Available
Examination Fee Per Year 4000/-
Laboratory + Library Fee Per Year 6000/-
Hostel Fee 3 - 6 Beds Per Year 21,000/-
Hostel Security Fee Refundable 5000/-
General Fee Policies
  • Namal Institute believes that education is the right of everyone regardless of their financial background. Therefore, generous merit and need based financial support is available. Those who can’t afford the above-mentioned fee; can apply for Financial support.
  • Admission Fee (Non-refundable)
  • Security Deposit and Admission Fee are the one-time fees.
  • Admission and security fees will be paid at the time of admission.
  • Tuition fee is received on quarterly basis.

Guidelines and Policies

Bank account details are provided below:

Bank Name: Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) Ltd.
Account Title: Namal Institute Mianwali Fee Collection
Account Number: 1121930011000966

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