Namal Knowledge City

An Inspiration, A Dream

Developed nations across the world have relied on knowledge as the engine of growth. Throughout history knowledge cities like Oxford and Cambridge Universities have led to economic prosperity, technological breakthroughs, and cultural and social welfare. Even after hundreds of years these cities thrive with knowledge as foundation stone. Namal Knowledge City is an ambitious project that carries on this example of creating a knowledge economy in the heart of Pakistan.

It will be the first project of its kind in the country bringing together knowledge workers from all over the world to constitute one of Pakistan’s largest consortiums to acquire, create, disseminate, and utilize knowledge. A key feature will be the sustainable development of the knowledge city and communities in Pakistan at large.

Major construction work on the city is expected to be completed by the year 2027. The knowledge city will include academic blocks, libraries, technology parks, business centers, dairy farms, primary and secondary schools, sports facilities, a hospital, shopping centers, hotels, and housing colony for staff, faculty and students. By year 2023 the knowledge city will complete the first phase of its development whereby it will accommodate 800 students and 50 faculty members.