Office of the Registrar

Registrar’s office is the central, main and vital organ of the University. As the principal office, it liaisons with the external regulatory bodies and also coordinates among all the authorities and the Academic Departments of the University. This office is the custodian of the university common seal and organizes the meetings of the chartered bodies of the University.

Student Support Office (SSO)

The first and foremost contact for the Namal students is the Student Support Office (SSO) in the Registrar office. SSO was established from the start of the Namal University to provide facilitation to the students under one roof.
The SSO is mandated with a wide variety of tasks with respect to facilitation and guidance of students during their life at campus. It serves as an interface between students and faculty/staff members for academic, non-academic, financial and administrative issues. At times, students need some reference letter for internships or need their documents to get attested from the University. SSO is the first point of contact for all students to inquire about the course related issues like submission of assignments /course work, exam results, leave requests and approvals and academic extenuation requests etc. It provides the mechanism for mediation and advisory role for students involved in university disputes, appeal and disciplinary processes.
The main objectives of the office include:

  • Maintain up to date data of all students and share with respective departments.
  • Make sure the synchronization and safety of all students record.


Dr. Rauf A. Sheikh


Functions and Duties of the SSO
  • To execute/implement the admission process according to the approved admission policy of the University.
  • To enroll newly admitted students and issue them registration numbers.
  • To prepare and deliver student cards.
  • To enroll and register courses of all students on LMS according to the respective departments' courses.
  • To maintain the directory of the students with their contact numbers and addresses.
  • To provide counseling to the students regarding merit scholarships and need-based financial assistance.
  • Maintain student files.
  • To correspond with the students through emails, letters and phone calls.

SSO Team

Mr. Akbar Rehman

Assistant Manager

Mr. Naveed Ahmed

Assistant Manager