Namal Literary & debating society (LDS)

Namal literary and debating Society is one of the pioneers to bring forward students who take interests in literature and creative writing. It promotes the aspiring writers by publishing their written work and channelizing their inner potential and helps them understand their capabilities in a better way. It conducts various workshops and seminars to further assist the students in refining their literary and writing skills. One of the most sought after “Bethak” of LDS brings students and teachers of Namal together on one platform and share their viewpoints regarding their favorite books and other subjects relating to literature.

Aims and Objectives

  • Encourage students to speak up their minds.
  • To be able to share their ideas in a confident manner.
  • Endorse creative writing and critical thinkers.
  • Edification of soft skills.

Main events:

  • Bethak
  • Open mic
  • Bait bazi