Namal Sports and Adventure Club (NSAC)

It goes without saying that sports and physical fitness is an integral part of any education. And it’s also a great way of releasing stress and improving students’ well-being. NSAC makes sure that every student of Namal whether male or female takes active part in the physical drill and recreational sports with friends, staff and teachers in a series of inter-house matches and competitions. For this purpose, every student has been assigned a house that’s headed by a house master which is responsible for the recreational sports and games on and off campus.

Aims and Objectives

  • NSAC strives to encourage sports activities at Namal.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between sports and education
  • To develop a positive competitive environment among the students.
  • To promote talent and give some exceptional sportsmen to Pakistan.

Main Events:

  • Hiking
  • Tournament
  • Inter-houses tournaments
  • Ludo tournament