Namal Society for Social Impact (NSSI)

One of the largest run Societies in Namal, NSSI offers a great deal to those students and volunteers interested in serving back to the society. Students here in this society devotedly work towards helping those who are not fit to cater their problems and are in need of educational or financial support.  Students in this society are assigned to teach those students who come from nearby areas during the after-hours. It also reaches out to the hospitals in Mianwali and nearby poly-health clinics to provide them with blood in order to save the lives of those suffering. CBS Wing provides a forum to students who want to connect their lives with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. It puts emphasis on the corruption free Pakistan. It works on the morality, ethical considerations of the students and significance of honesty in life.

Thus, playing its part in contributing back to the society in every manner. It has three initiatives namely:

  • Blood Wing
  • Education Wing
  • Emergency medical services wing
  • CBS

Aims and Objectives

  • To contribute back to the society.
  • Serve community through the established wings.
  • Encourage the idea of serving those in need.

Main events:

  • Cultural day
  • Blood donations
  • Free education for the students of adjacent villages
  • Seminars on ethics