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23+ years’ versatile experience of Information Communication Technology (ICT) domain in academia, industry, and Government. 12+ years’ experience of academic managements and Research & Development Management; as Head of Engineering Department, Dean – Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Head (Principal Investigator) of Research Lab, and Rector of Higher Education Institute. Vast experience of working with government, international organizations and regulatory bodies for programs’ accreditation, curriculum development, academic management, quality assurance and international events’ organization. Head of Research Lab (35+ Professionals) and Research Groups in the domains of Information Security, Embedded Systems and Wireless Communications; having 90+ publications in referred journals and conferences, and PKR 130 Million research funding during the last 5 years. Launched 04 products, organized 12 trainings and workshops with 300+ participants including professionals from LEAs, Public & Corporate Sector, and academia. https://crc.bahria.edu.pk/ Passionate teacher in the domain of Computing and Electrical Engineering. A strong proponent of adopting modern learning techniques and usage of IT in the academics. Focus on ‘learn how to learn’ and ‘student centric learning’ in the classroom.

Academic Background
Ph.D ( Electronics & Communications) Telecom Paris, France 2010
Masters by (Research in Information & Communication) Ecole Polytechnique, University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis, France 2006
M.S. (Computer Science) Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan 2005
B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering ) University of Engineering and Technology (U.E.T.) Lahore, Pakistan 1998
Rector Namal University, Mianwali, Pakistan 01-Sep-2022 - continue
Professor Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan 01-Jan-2011 - 01-Sep-2022
RF Planning & Optimization Consultant Smart Cube Technologies, Pakistan 01-Oct-2010 - 01-Jan-2011
Visiting Scholar, Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems (ISS) RWTH, Aachen, Germany 01-Jan-2009 - 01-Sep-2010
Research Engineer, Mobile Communications Department Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis, France 01-Oct-2006 - 01-Sep-2010
Radio Network Planning & Optimization Engineer Huaxin Consulting Pakistan 01-Jan-2005 - 01-Jul-2005
Adjunct Faculty, Computer Sciences Department LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan 01-Jan-2003 - 01-Dec-2004
Assistant Manager (Technical) NDC [NESCOM], Islamabad, Govt. of Pakistan 01-May-1999 - 01-Dec-2004
Electrical Engineer MASCOT Engineering Services of Pakistan 01-Nov-1998 - 01-May-1999
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  • Advanced Crypt-Analysis Models for IoTs
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Mobile Communications and Networking
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Organization & Assembly Language
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Programming Fundamentals
Head & Principal Investigator (PI) of Cyber Reconnaissance & Combat Lab 100.58 Million PKR funding by Higher Education Commission (HEC) & Planning Commission (Govt. of Pakistan). Design & Development of Intrusion Detection System (IDS), 4 years.
Principal Investigator Open Source Intelligence Tool (OSINT) 18 months, Recon, Exploit, Discovery, and Analytics 12.322 Million PKR by Govt. of Pakistan.
Co-Investigator (Co-PI) of ‘Smart Methodology for Safe Life on Roads with Active Drivers’ 1.5 years joint research project with Computer Engineering Department, Al-Yamamah University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
Principal Investigator (PI) of ‘Cyber-attacks Correlation Engine Development’ 12-months design and development project with NESCOM, Govt. of Pakistan.
Principal Investigator (PI) of ‘IP Flows Monitoring System’ 12-months joint research project with NESCOM, Govt. of Pakistan.
Co-Investigator (Co-PI) for National Research Project for Universities (NRPU) Govt. of Pakistan Project: Reconfigurable Processor for Lightweight RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol
Team Member - IDROMel French National Research Project Flexible Baseband Architecture for Software Defined Radio (SDR)
NEWCOM++ Represented EURECOM in the joint European Research Project Performance Evaluation and Guidelines for Future Flexible Radio Architectures