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Dr. Israr is working as an associate professor of Mathematics. He has more than eleven years of teaching and research experience. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Shanghai University China. His research interests include generalized inverses of matrices, solutions of linear matrix equations, extremal ranks and fixed points of matrix expressions.

Academic Background
PhD (Mathematics) Shanghai University China 2011
Associate Professor Namal University Mianwali 01-Mar-2023 - continue
Assistant Professor Namal University Mianwali 01-Sep-2014 - 28-Feb-2023
Journal Publications
Closed-form formula for a classical system of matrix equations 12-Dec-2022 Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
On generalized inverses of regular elements in an arbitrary semiring 01-Jun-2018 Journal of Shanghai Normal University (Natural Sciences)
On matrices over an arbitrary semiring and their generalized inverses 01-Oct-2013 Linear Algebra and its Applications
The Drazin inverse in an arbitrary semiring 01-Sep-2011 Linear and Multilinear Algebra
Minimal ranks of some quaternion matrix expressions with applications 01-Nov-2010 Applied Mathematics and Computation
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