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Since 2013, Ms. Faiqa Ali has held the position of Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at Namal University, Mianwali. She began working towards her Ph.D. in mathematics at UET, Taxila, in 2019. She received her MS degree (Mathematics) from COMSATS Abbottabad in 2013. She graduated with a Bachelor degree (Mathematics) in 2010 from COMSATS Islamabad Her research interests cover numerical solutions of PDEs in engineering and science.

Academic Background
PhD in Mathematics ( Numerical solutions of PDEs in engineering and science ) UET Taxila, Pakistan in progress
MS Mathematics ( MS thesis in financial mathematics entitled “Analysis of the Value Function of the American Option in Jump Diffusion Process on a Dividend-Paying Stock” was done under the supervision of Dr. Sultan Hussain, COMSATS Abbottabad ) COMSATS Abbottabad 2013
BS Mathematics (Analysis of Inflation of Measures) COMSATS Islamabad 2010
Senior Lecturer Namal University 04-Sep-2013 - continue
Visiting Faculty Gov. College for Management Sciences, Abbottabad 10-Dec-2012 - 20-Jul-2013
Journal Publications
Numerical Solution of PDE's 20-Dec-2021 Solitonic, quasi-periodic, super nonlinear and chaotic behaviors of a dispersive extended nonlinear Schrödinger equation in an optical fiber
Numerical Solutions of PDE’s 06-Mar-2020 New complex waves of perturbed Shrödinger equation with Kerr law nonlinearity and Kundu-Mukherjee-Naskar equation
Finacial Mathematics 05-Jun-2017 Evolution of American option value function on a dividend paying stock under jump-diffusion processes
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