• Department of Computer Science

Muzamil Ahmed is a dedicated and passionate researcher currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree at COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus in Wah Cantt, Pakistan. With a profound interest in the intersection of computer science and artificial intelligence, he has authored numerous research articles published in esteemed peer-reviewed journals, including IEEE Transactions and ACM Transactions. His research endeavors span across diverse domains such as natural language processing, informational retrieval, machine learning, and data science.

Academic Background
Ph.D. Computer Science (Semantic-aware Automated Question Answering Systems using Transformers-based Deep Learning) COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus Wah Cantt, Pakistan in progress
MS Computer Science ( Recognition of Violent Activities form video sequence using Deep Learning Approach ) University of Lahore 2019
Honours and Awards
Gold Medalist Awarded the Gold Medal for securing the top position in MS Computer Science. 31-Aug-2019
Journal Publications
Conference Publications
A Novel Approach for Building Domain-Specific Chatbots by Exploring Sentence Transformers-based Encoding 09-Oct-2023 2023 International Conference on IT and Industrial Technologies (ICIT)
Automated question answering based on improved tf-idf and cosine similarity 29-Nov-2022 2022 Ninth International Conference on Social Networks Analysis, Management and Security (SNAMS)