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Dr. Khawar Khurshid is an academic and a researcher in the field of Machine Learning and Computer Vision, currently holding the position of Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Namal University. Dr. Khurshid earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, USA in the field of Medical Image Processing using ML algorithms. Prior to joining Namal University, Dr. Khurshid served at SEECS, NUST for more than 13 years in the capacities of Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. Dr. Khurshid was also the head of the Institute of Applied Electronics and Computing at SEECS for six years. In addition to the administrative role in NUST, Dr. Khurshid has published more than 50 research papers, and has taught several different courses at the graduate, as well as undergraduate level.

Academic Background
PhD ( PET/CT Image Registration for Accurate Reconstruction of PET Data) Michigan State University 2010
BE ( Computer Systems Engineering ) EME, NUST 2003
Professor Namal University 01-Nov-2023 - continue
Associate Professor National University of Sciences and Technology 16-Nov-2019 - 20-Oct-2023
Head of Department National University of Sciences and Technology 01-Sep-2012 - 31-Aug-2018
Assistant Professor National University of Sciences and Technology 10-May-2010 - 15-Nov-2019
Honours and Awards
Faculty Exchange Fellowship Fellowship awarded by Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea for three consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016). 01-Jul-2014
Research Enhancement Award Michigan State University 01-Sep-2009
Summer Research Grant Michigan State University 01-Jun-2009
Research Grant Department of Animal Sciences, Michigan State University 03-Sep-2007
PhD Fellowship NUST Merit based Split PhD Scholarship 23-Aug-2004
Journal Publications
AI empowered survival analysis of brain tumor patients linked with pre- and post-operative psychiatric issues: A critical review 21-Jan-2023 Frontiers in Psychology
Impact of Lesson Planning on Students’ Achievement Using Learner Profile System 01-Dec-2022 Springer, Handbook on Intelligent Techniques in the Educational Process
Correlating Universal Design of Learning and the Performance in Science at Elementary School Leve 01-Dec-2022 Springer, Handbook on Intelligent Techniques in the Educational Process
ILS Validity Analysis for Secondary Grade through Factor Analysis and Internal Consistency Reliability 01-Dec-2022 Sustainability
Blockchain Based Solutions to Mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks in the Internet of Things (IoT): A Survey 01-Dec-2022 Sensors
Protocols for Transferring Bulk Data Over Internet: Current Solutions and Future Challenges 01-Dec-2021 IEEE Access
Routing Protocols for Mobile Internet of Things (IoT): A Survey on Challenges and Solutions 01-Dec-2021 Electronics
No-reference image quality assessment using bag-of-features with feature selection 01-Dec-2020 Multimedia Tools and Applications
Segmentation-based image defogging using modified dark channel prior 01-Dec-2020 Journal of Image and Video Processing
Auto-MeDiSine: an auto-tunable medical decision support engine using an automated class outlier detection method and AutoMLP 01-Dec-2020 Neural Computing and Applications
Exploring nested ensemble learners using overproduction and choose approach for churn prediction in telecom industry 01-Dec-2020 Neural Computing and Application
Automatic fish detection in underwater videos by a deep neural network-based hybrid motion learning system 01-Dec-2019 Journal of Marine Science
Optimisation of transmission map for improved image defogging 01-Dec-2019 IET Image Processing
Distortion-specific feature selection algorithm for universal blind image quality assessment 01-Dec-2019 Journal of Image and Video Processing
New feature selection algorithms for no-reference image quality assessment 01-Dec-2018 Applied Intelligence
Feature selection algorithm for no-reference image quality assessment using natural scene statistics 01-Dec-2018 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dynamic Mode Decomposition Based Epileptic Seizure Detection from Scalp EEG 01-Dec-2018 IEEE Access
Improved Dark Channel Prior for Image Defogging using RGB and YCbCr Color Space 01-Dec-2018 IEEE Access
Impact of Feature Selection Algorithms on Blind Image Quality Assessment 01-Dec-2018 Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
A scalable architecture for geometric correction of multi-projector display systems 01-Dec-2015 Elsevier, Displays
Enhancing System Efficiency of Embedded Encryption Applications 01-Dec-2013 Embedded Letters
Design and Implementation of Thermal Management System on PSoC 01-Dec-2013 Embedded Letters
Respiratory Cardiac Motion Compensation in PET/CT for Accurate Reconstruction of PET Myocardial perfusion Images 01-Dec-2008 Journal of Physics in Medicine and Biology
Automated follicle segmentation in ultrasound scans of bovine ovaries 01-Dec-2008 Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (AEM)
CTAC Misregistration in PET/CT Cardiac Imaging: Correction with a Dedicated CTAC/PET Alignment Visualization Application, an Automated Registration Algorithm, and ECG-Gated CTAC 01-Dec-2007 Journal of Nuclear Cardiology
Modified Sensor Error Model for Static Calibration of a Low-Cost Tri-Axial MEMS Accelerometer 01-Dec-0018 International Journal of Robotics and Automation
Conference Publications
Validation of ILS Through Exploratory Factor Analysis and Internal Consistency Reliability for Secondary Grade 01-Dec-2020 International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, South Korea
Size Invariant Handwritten Character Recognition using Single Layer Feedforward Backpropagation Neural Networks 01-Dec-2019 IEEE International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Technologies (ICOMET)
Impact of VARK Learning Model at Tertiary Level Education 01-Dec-2019 International Conference on Adult Education and Learning Styles, Czechia
Crowdsourced System to Report Traffic Violations RoadCop: Bi-Modular System 01-Dec-2018 International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport System, Portugal
MRI based automated diagnosis of Alzheimer's: Fusing 3D wavelet-features with clinical data 01-Dec-2017 International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, South Korea
An expert system for diabetes prediction using auto tuned multi-layer perceptron 01-Dec-2017 Intelligent Systems Conference, UK
Efficient feature selection for blind image quality assessment based on natural scene statistics 01-Dec-2017 IEEE IBCAST
A computationally low cost vision based tracking algorithm for human following robot 01-Dec-2016 International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics (ICCAR), Hong Kong
A Low-Cost Rokkaku Kite Setup for Aerial Photogrammetric System 01-Dec-2015 International Conference on Photogrammetric Image Analysis (PIA), Germany
IM session identification by outlier detection in cross-correlation functions 01-Dec-2015 Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), USA
Neuro-cognitive Virtual environment for Children with Autism 01-Dec-2015 International Conference on Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS), New Zealand
Breaching IM Session Privacy Using Causality 01-Dec-2014 Globecom, USA
Combined Independent Component Analysis and Kalman Filter based Real-Time Digital Video Stabilization 01-Dec-2013 International Conference of Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS), Australia
Histogram Equalized Intelligent Classification using Self Organized Maps for Large Population Face Recognition 01-Dec-2013 International Conference of Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS), Australia
Automated PET/CT Brain Registration for Accurate Attenuation Correction 01-Dec-2009 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), USA
Optimal Cardiac Phase of CT for the Accurate Attenuation Correction of PET 01-Dec-2007 International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (ISEM), USA
Speaker Verification Using Boosted Cepstral Features with Gaussian Distribution 01-Dec-2007 IEEE International Multitopic Conference
A Subspace Approach for Speech Enhancement Using Frame-Level AdaBoost Classification 01-Dec-2007 IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE)
Automated Software for PET/CT Image Registration to Avoid Unnecessary Invasive Cardiac Surgery 01-Dec-2006 IEEE International Multitopic Conference
Sector-Vortex Scanning for Hyperthermia with a Large Square Ultrasound Phased Array Aperture 01-May-2006 IEEE Electro Information Technology (EIT), USA
PET/CT Misregistration Attenuation Correction Artifact Eliminated by Least Squares Cardiac Alignment 01-Mar-2006 Academy of Molecular Imaging, USA
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Stochastic Systems
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Computer Architecture
Object Detection and Categorization for Blind Using Deep Neural Learning IGNITE, PKR 7.9 Mil
Covert Link Detection Using Network Flow Log Data IGNITE, PKR 9.8 Mil
Embedded System Designs using PSoC Cypress Semiconductor USA, PKR 2.5 Mil
A Social-enabled, Collaborative Media Consumption Platform Gameview Studios USA, PKR 2.0 Mil
Optimized Elevator Control System – Design and Implementation Cypress Semiconductor USA, PKR 1.0 Mil
Real-time Facial Recognition System using Deep Learning Acrux Technologies, PKR 1.0 Mil
Population Density Estimation HEC, PKR 0.5 Mil
Real-time 360-degree Panoramic Stitching for Thermal Imaging NESCOM, PKR 0.25 Mil
Image Registration using Images of Downward and Front Facing Cameras NESCOM, PKR 0.25 Mil
Implementation of Image Processing Core using Vivado HLS NESCOM, PKR 0.15 Mil
Nonlinear Optimization of IR Camera Parameters NESCOM, PKR 0.1 Mil
Multi-Touch Interactive Tabletop IGNITE, PKR 0.1 Mil