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Academic Background
PhD (Updated Compilation of Iqbal's Poetry from 1925 to 1938) Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 2012
M.Phil (Iqbaliyat-i-Mian Muhammad Shafi (Meem Sheen): Research and Compilation. ) Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad 1995
Assistant Professor Namal University 02-Oct-2023 - continue
Assistant Professor University of Sialkot 16-Mar-2020 - 27-Sep-2023
Assistant Professor University of Lahore 16-Sep-2017 - 15-Sep-2019
Principal Govt. of Punjab (Education Department) 07-Feb-2011 - 17-Feb-2017
Journal Publications
Bal-E-Jabreel's Taghzal: A Research And Critical Review 30-Jun-2023 Allama Iqbal completely changed the body of Ghazal. Thanks to Iqbal, today Urdu Ghazal is reaching the extremes of development and all kinds of ideas are being expressed in it.Iqbal's ghazal is not a traditional ghazal. His beloved is the nation of Islam, humanity, the prophet and the person of Allah Almighty, Iqbal makes them beloved and speaks in such a way that a unique isolation is created in his ghazals.Allama was carrying the pain of the nation in his chest, so Bal Jibreel is also not free from this pain, but here all the ghazals and poems seem to be immersed in the pain of the nation.Allama has brought ghazal to its peak in Baal Jibreel and has grasped all kinds of colorful subjects in such a way that even in the precise and heavy problems of philosophy, he made them into ghazal by creating subtlety and elegance. And this is such a great artistic and intellectual achievement that not only Urdu poetry but the poetry of the whole world will continue to be proud of.
Asceticism and Piety in the context of Iqbal’s Personality, Research and Historical Analysis 30-Jun-2022 Baby born on nature and society through training induct positivity or negativity in his personality. A nation future depends on creation the skill of positive thinking in its younger's. Allama Iqbal is an ideal personality of our society. It is necessary to examine the lines of Iqbal's training and broughtup, which made him a thinker with a balanced outlook. Of course, we would like our young generation to have the same concern as Allama Iqbal. So, in this article it tried to highlight that which features play main role in grooming Iqbal's personality and what should do us in future to get positive results in the field of character building of our younger one's.
(LINGUISTIC AND STYLISTIC STUDYOF HASNAIN SAHIR'S GHAZAL COLLECTION "FASEEL-E JAAN") 30-Jun-2022 Hasnain Sahir is a modern poet. In terms of language and style, his poetry has distinctive features. In his language and style, the glimpse of contemporary times is observable. In his book "Faseel-i Jaan" distinct linguistic, stylistic and technical experiments and innovation can be observed. He has coined new words as well as presented unique creations like Jadeed Rekhta. His poetic language is simple, smooth and understandable. Along with Urdu, Persian, Punjabi and Hindi words are widely used in his Ghazal. Due to unique analogy, metaphors, diction, techniques, melody and lyrical harmony are the special features of his ghazals. In this paper, a study of his poetic language and style is presented.
THE EDUCATIONAL IDEAS AND THEORIES OF ALLAMA IQBAL AND THE PROBLEMS OF THE PRESENT AGE 31-Mar-2022 Iqbal is the representative of poetry in all the aspects like historical poet, poet of present and modern poet. His suspended poetry communicates about broad vision, wisdom and intellectuals. Iqbal wrote poetry to save the youth and Muslim of sub-continent from destruction, miserable condition, and low mental state of the people. According to Iqbal wrong mental nurturing is gigantic and more serious mistake than the wrong political progress. A nation goes down when a nation ignores aims, culture and civilization, moral and cultural values, and religious ethics. Iqbal says a nation can progress on the basis of "broad vision". Iqbal always compare broad vision and intellectualism in terms of Quran education. It is also a fact only those nations can be destroyed who made the foundation of their thinking, vision, progress and prosperity only on their religion. A nation can't be demolished who remain determined positively on their religious values.
Philosophy of Education In The Light Of Iqbal's Biography, A Historical Analysis 31-Dec-2021 Pakistan is the result of the intellectual imagination of Allama Iqbal. The goal of its achievement was the establishment of an Islamic society according to the requirements of the present day in the light of Iqbal's thought. Unfortunately, since the establishment of Pakistan, we have failed to achieve this goal. We have reached many milestones of material development. In spite of becoming a nuclear power in terms of defense, establishing educational institutions in places, our crime rate is increasing. Anxiety and restlessness are increasing. People are becoming victims of psychological diseases. The main reason for this is the lack of positive training to a large extent. It is important for us to organize the all-round training of the people of the society by making the thoughts of Iqbal as the basis. This paper is a humble attempt to highlight Iqbal's philosophical training.
Maqam-e-Mustafa in Context of Kal?m-e-Iqbal, An Exploratory Analysis 30-Dec-2021 Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a true lover of Rasool, even though he was a philosopher, he had studied Western philosophy without looking at it and received higher education in the West, but if there is any color on his thoughts, ideas and words, then he is Rasool(S.A.W). It is the color of true love and boundless devotion to God. The summation of Iqbal's poetry is Love of Rasool(S.A.W) and Obedience of Rasool. From the study of Iqbal's speech, this fact is clearly revealed that he considers the Holy Prophet to be the source of all external and internal perfections and the source of all reality and authority. According to Allama Iqbal, love of Prophet (P.B.U.H) is the dear possession without which a person can neither live in the world nor gain anything from religion.
HUMAN MORAL VALUES AND IQBAL THOUGHT 31-Dec-2020 Human higher moral values are the basis of man’s dignity. The moral values greatly affect the numerous economics, social, political and religious aspect of human life. The nations of the word are engulfed in peacelessness, frustration and calmlessness account of moral depravity. Before nations fall into victim of some great calamity, we must have to pay full attention to overcome moral degradation. Iqbal is the man of universality. He believes in peace and harmony. His thoughts guide us to determine higher human moral values. The need of the hour is to fully utilize the Iqbal’s thoughts. The article in hand is an effort to highlight human moral values and Iqbal thought.
The Unpublished Writings of Zarb-e-Kaleem 01-Jan-2012 The analysis of Iqbal's mindsetting is the reflection of his own will. Wecan find art pieces of high calibre in the exceptioanal poetic writings offirst-rate poet. It is very necessary to analyze the whole writings of Iqbal.In view of such importance the critics of Iqbalism has compiled anumber of collections based on remain writings. In this context, thecompiler's axis rem ained bound m ostly on verses but the lines,generally, were neglected. The topic in hand includes those unpublishedwritings of "Zarb-e-Kaleem " which consists mostly on lines.I hope thatthrough this article, the lovers of Iqbalism will be familiarized with thosehidden links which remained out of sight uptill now.
??? ? ?????: ????? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ????? ??? ????? 31-Dec-2011 The analysis of Iqbal's mindset is the reflection of his own will. In view of such importance, the critics of Iqbalism have compiled a number of collections based on remaining writings. In this context, the latest comprehensive book, named "Kuliyat-i- Shier-i-Iqbal", was compiled by Dr. Sabir Hussain Kalorvi. The compiler's axis remained bound mostly on verses, but the lines, generally, were neglected. The topic in hand includes those unpublished writings of "Bal-i-Jibreel", which consists of lines. I hope that through this article, the lovers of Iqbalism will be familiarized with those hidden links which remained out of sight until now.