BS Mathematics


BS Mathematics is a 4-year degree program accredited by Higher Education Commission (HEC). The overall purpose of this program is to serve as the foundation of advancements in the areas of mathematics and to introduce the students with the fundamentals of the core mathematics to prepare them for the emerging future of the mathematics area. However, we aim to set benchmark in producing the most efficient and proficient graduates.


To provide an environment where students can learn analytical and quantitative reasoning skills and promote Mathematical thinking as a significant part of human thought.


The department of Mathematics is committed to the following goals:

  • To develop the ability to its students to discuss mathematical ideas effectively and to use these skills to solve practical problems.
  • To impart the capacity to become an independent learner, critical thinker and problemsolver.
  • To provide an ideal environment for the continued growth of faculty members with meaningful research.

Program Structure

DAI Program


The details of the program specification and information contained herein are subject to change in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations of the Namal Institute, Mianwali. Such changes will be notified to the enrolled students through email. Course offerings also depend on the availability of faculty of the subject area.